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Hi, I am Lee and I love career advice

Hi, I am Lee.  A Human Resources and Business professional with something to say about work.  After 20+ years working with humans, in all manner of HR and Business roles, I have learnt a thing or two about the way we go about our work lives.  As a lifelong learner, I also like to think I can learn from others how they go about choosing, planning and living their work-life.  I am passionate about quality, pragmatic career advice and believe that sharing experiences can help solve problems.

I am fascinated about why people choose what they do when it comes to work and their careers. Why do some folks stay in jobs they hate while others perennially search for the mystical Utopian job.

I have worked across multiple industries, for big Multi-Nationals, Government and Not-For-Profits.  The idea that our personal contribution can impact a business, just as much as being in a workplace impacts us right back intrigues me.


Welcome to Careerability, a career advice blog, or more precisely a career advice blog to help fix, future proof and plan your career.  I hope that this site will form a part of your reference system for your career and general work life. It doesn’t matter if you are at the start of your career or if you are working at the top of the food chain in your particular industry.  Folks who genuinely have no idea what to do with their work and those ‘A Types’ who have planned their career trajectory within an inch of their lives, are welcome.

You can come to this site for career advice to the big and little work and career questions like:

  • how do I get promoted or get a pay rise?
  • do I need a University degree?
  • can I get out of Friday afternoon drinks?

As well as  advice on the more practical sides of work life, I will offer my thoughts on topics like the different generations in the workplace, career pivots and some tough love about the workplace (sorry but your boss just doesn’t care that much about your latest hook-up or your daughter’s dance recital – brutal but true).

My own search for answers includes:

  • why am I here? (usually heard Monday mid-morning when I realise there is no milk for my coffee);
  • what do I want to do next?;
  • do I like what I do?;
  • how long do I want to work?;
  • can I work with these people one minute longer?

I figured that if I am still asking these questions after so long at work maybe others are as well.

Careerability is all about you finding your solutions to your career problems through sharing practical career advice.  Together we can find our way into our own career future, a little better informed a little more experienced.  If you are looking to get started, why not try here or here?





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