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7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.

7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.

January is all about new beginnings.  That is not to say that you don’t bring the legacy of your history with you.  However, the New Year brings about the opportunity for a reset, are you ready?

Here are 7 ways you can set yourself up for career success in 2018

One - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
Get your emails sorted.

You can set yourself up for career success by doing some simple organisational activities up front in 2018.  How about tackling your inbox on day one?  Get rid of anything from last year that is taking up space and create files so that you can file your emails appropriately.

If you have a filing system already, confirm that it is still working for you.  If it takes you longer than a minute to find a document, then it might need a refresh

Two - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
Put in place a Morning Routine.

Put in place a morning routine. If you are anything like me, there are some days when you can lose the best part of an hour in the morning.  Doing what?  Who knows?  Sometimes its sitting on the couch, watching whatever morning program happens to be on.  Sometimes it’s trying to find a particular shirt to wear.  Whatever the case, it’s a colossal waste of time.

Think about a great morning routine that suits your lifestyle.  A good morning routine will get you to work on time, having had breakfast and dressed appropriately.  A great morning routine will find extra time for a workout or let you sleep half an hour later.  If you are better set up for each day you will be better set up for career success this year.

Three - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
Get your resume and social media profiles up to date.

You never know when you need an up-to-date resume.  I am often asked for my resume to support applications from my organisation.  You resume may be needed for stuff other than job applications.  Make sure your resume matches your social media platforms.  When I get a resume via an application, I always check other social medias.  You would be amazed how many of us don’t make sure everything matches.

Four - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
 Get LinkedIn

All of us have preferences when it comes to social media and what we like to use.  However, to my mind, all professionals need LinkedIn.  It is the perfect platform to ensure that you keep your professional network up to date.  I personally wouldn’t add every person I come across in a professional sense to my Facebook.  I would however add them to my LinkedIn.  I have made any number of contacts through LinkedIn to find out a piece of information about a company, person or issue.  LinkedIn can directly support your career success.  It also offers lots of professional advice and posts that can be very career relevant.

Recruiters use LinkedIn to cold call candidates.  I regularly receive contact from recruiters regarding opportunities.  It may not lead to anything, but if you don’t have a profile, you can’t be found.  You should still put up a profile, even if your career history is not stellar or if you are unable to put every role up in lights.  There are plenty of folks out there who can help you, and there are books.  Try Build Relationships & Get Job Offers by Robbie Abed or How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile.

Five - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
Make friends at work.

I have spoken here about why it’s important to have friends at work.  Truly successful people do not achieve success all on their own.  They have people around them who they trust and can work with, even when things are difficult.  You need friends at work.  We all need people who can tell us when we are being a knob, or when we should go for something.  You need support and someone to brainstorm with when you are faced with a challenge.

The folks that refuse to engage with their colleagues often get left behind professionally.  They stand out as not being a great fit, even if their work is solid. Good friends at work lift you up, support you and have your back.

Six - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
Know what career success looks like for you.

Career success is different for everyone.  For some it’s about money or status, for others it’s about doing something meaningful.  To be successful, you need to have your own measure.  You need to have a definition of what your success is.  You will probably know due to all the career planning you have been doing!  Define what career success is to you, then make it happen.

Seven - 7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.
Grow your knowledge for career success.

The pace of change in the modern workplace is fierce.  Do not let your expertise grow stagnant because you are comfortable.  It is easy to rely on previous experience, but that will not stand you in good stead if things have changed.  Don’t become obsolete, keep pace with your industry and the changes around it.  Join networks and subscribe to newsletters that keep you up to date.  Obsolete information can lead to poor decision making; don’t let that be your legacy this year.  Your career success is predicated on your value to your workplace, currency is a key to increasing this value.

7 ways to set yourself up for career success in 2018.

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