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5 Things you can do to get over the post-holiday blues.


The post-holiday blues.

I don’t know about you, but about a week after I get back from an extended break (a week or longer), I get a severe case of the post-holiday blues.  Its grim; I drag myself from bed, wishing I had been one of my smart colleagues who opted for that second week, or even extra day off.  The post-holiday blues doesn’t even have any bearing on the work I am doing, or the company I am working for.  Rather, it hits me like jetlag after a 26 hour flight.  So here are 5 things that you (and I) can do when the post-holiday blues hits.

5 Things you can do to get over the post-holiday blues.
  • And you knew I was going to say this, know when your next break is coming. Better yet, plan for your next holiday.  Jump online or pull out some brochures, have a look at what your next sojourn away from work might look like.  A new holiday plan is definitely a cure for post-holiday blues


  • Save one thing from your break and incorporate it into your day to day. Did you enjoy a G&T at 3pm every day on your break?  Why not incorporate that little routine into your day to day (once you’ve finished work; DO NOT imbibe a G&T in the staff room)?  You may not be looking onto the azure waters of your latest holiday destination, but when you bring a little bit of your holiday home with you it can be really relaxing.  If you went for a lazy walk every morning, then why not try it from home.


  • Don’t try to set the world on fire Day 1 on return to your work. The post-holiday blues will hit with a vengeance if you return and jump into everything you couldn’t get done last year.  Pace and planning are what is required here.  If you manage to get through your emails and maybe have catch up meetings with a few key people, then that is not a bad start.  First week or so back is also a great time to plan what you want to do, don’t waste that time.


  • Don’t start looking for other work. Try to leave it a week or so before you start frantically looking for other work options.  Post-holiday blues may have hit you and you may not know it.  Most of us feel flat on return from a break, so we confuse not wanting to be at work (any work) with not wanting to be at our specific workplace.  There is a really big difference.


  • Book out some space in your calendar. For lots of folks, the return from break or holiday represents a calming from the frenetic pace that was a family and friends holiday.  Rather than coming back refreshed, you are feeling the last vestiges of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.  No more crazy Aunt Mary or hyped up kids.  No more constant go, go go.  Post-holiday blues can particularly hit us when we didn’t actually get any down time on our “holiday”.  Make sure that in your work calendar and your home calendar you book some time for sorting through stuff, planning and getting some quiet time.  I have been known to book an interview room for a day and work from there.  Less disruptions, and a little bit of peace (not less work unfortunately).
Do you have any cures for the post-holiday blues?

There are five ways for you to combat the post-holiday blues.  I hope that most of you are not suffering too badly on your return from the Christmas break.  If you want to know the signs that you need a holiday, read here.

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