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Seven pieces of advice to live by

Quick Seven Series

I have spoken about advice a couple of times on the blog.  It is one of those things that you have to be careful about.  You can read more about that right here.

Today’s quick seven series is the seven pieces of advice to live by. This is advice that I follow in my private and professional life.  Some advice is from books or famous people, others from those around me.

Seven pieces of advice to live by

  • People think about you a lot less than you think they do.  The crux of this advice is that most people are thinking about themselves, not you.  The upshot is if you are worried about what someone else is thinking of you (how you look, how your presentation went, what you earn) – chances are they are thinking about that, but in relation to themselves, not you.
  • Courtesy costs nothing. I’m not saying you have to be saccharine sweet to every person you meet. I am saying, that saying Please and Thank You (manners; thanks mum) is important. Recognising colleagues, no matter their job, is important as is treating people with respect. It baffles me how some senior people do not take the time to recognise some of the folks who show up every day to work for them.  Recognise that company success is achieved when everyone in the team is working together for a clear outcome. That includes the CEO through to the newest trainee. Being courteous to all people you work with costs nothing.
  • Get up, dress up, show up. Consistency is the name of the game.  A shooting star is spectacular but it burns out very quickly.  We can’t all be number one, but we can all turn up, and that counts for a lot.  Do a bit of research into successful people; the single truth for all is that they kept going.  They kept going through difficulty, through set back and through success.  Keep turning up.
  • Be generous. Give of your time, your energy, your love, your experience and your money.  Be as generous as you can with what you can.  Everyone involved is rewarded.
  • Lead by Example. Early in my career I was given this piece of advice.  If you are not prepared to do what your staff are doing, then maybe you shouldn’t ask it of them.  If you want your staff to help one another, then role model that behaviour with your own colleagues.
  • Think about where you put your energy. Try to put it into things that matter. Both your time and your energy is limited.  Putting your energy into things that you can’t change, that don’t matter or that are negative does not benefit anyone.  Put your energy into things you can affect and activities that bring positivity.  As a chronic worrier, I often put my energy into things that I can’t change… it is wasteful.
  • Don’t die wondering. Recently I have read a series of articles on what people say on their deathbed.  I promise you, I am not a morbid person. However, you won’t be surprised to learn that not a single person said “I wish I had of stayed longer in that  job I hated”.  When it came to work, people reflected that they should have gone for their goals instead of letting fear of the unknown make their decisions.  If you want to read a great article on the topic click the link here  or here.

And a couple of other pieces of advice to live by 

Final pieces of advice….. you do you, and dance like nobody is watching!

What pieces of advice do you live by?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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