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7 Secret Santa gifts that are sure to hit the mark in 2017

Another quick seven series:
7 Secret Santa gifts you can buy a work colleague.

It’s that time of the year again folks.  Slips of paper appear, emails go out, water cooler discussions begin.  Gift giving time.  In many workplaces, a kind spirited soul begins organising the office Kris Kringle or Secret Santa, roping in unsuspecting colleagues to spend between $10-$20 on a secret gift for another.

Actually, I am personally torn with Secret Santa.  I love giving and receiving gifts, but Secret Santa can be difficult.  Often, I tend to get the person I know least in the office, or have least in common with.  I then agonise over my choice, does it look cheap (difficult on a $15 budget), does it convey the right message?  Granted, most other people are not prone to my overthinking, however, it can still be a challenging business. One that somewhat takes the shine off the intent in the first place.  I suspect most people go home and either re-gift their mug/handcream set or it goes into a cupboard somewhere, never to be seen again.   Love it or dread it, here are seven ideas that will get you through Secret Santa this festive season.

7 Secret Santa gifts for this giving season
  1. A business book. A particularly appropriate Secret Santa gift if you are buying for a boss or someone who has a bookshelf in their office.  A couple that might be good this year:

Book - 7 Secret Santa gifts that are sure to hit the mark in 2017

         Janesville – Amy Goldstein

        The One Device – Brian Merchant

        If You’re in a Dogfight become a Cat – Leonard Sherman

        The Spider Network – David Enrich

2.    A charity Donation. Pick any of the myriad of charities that are out there and provide a donation in the name of the recipient.  On the scale of Secret Santa gifts this is a win, win for everyone.

3.    A passport holder or luggage tags. If your Secret Santa recipient is fond of a getaway, something simple like a set of luggage tags will always come in handy. Companies like Kiki K (or Louis Vuitton if you are really serious) will also monogram for you.


Luggage Tags - 7 Secret Santa gifts that are sure to hit the mark in 2017 

4.  A decent pen. I doubt that there is anyone on the planet who couldn’t do with another pen.  As a lover of stationary, I believe in the more the merrier.  But they do have a practical application.  You can be guaranteed that your Secret Santa gift will be used.  In my book, a decent pen makes it into the hall of fame for great gifts.  There are many that sit around the $20 that make will make a nice addition to any top drawer.

5.   A popcorn maker. Did you know that Target sells a popcorn maker for $15?  Did you know that K-Mart sells one for $12?  If you throw in a packet of un-popped popcorn you are still under $20, and have kicked a goal with your Secret Santa.  A hit at work or at home. Genius.  Find your Target popcorn maker here.

 Target popcorn maker - 7 Secret Santa gifts that are sure to hit the mark in 2017

6.   A portable battery charger. Are you buying for someone who is always on their phone?  How about a funky battery charger?  Not super sexy, but super handy.

7.   A poster or print. There are some great Secret Santa gifts in the form of posters out there at the moment.  One of my favourites is the Travel Poster, where you scratch off the destinations that you have traveled to.  My other favourite is the Australian wine poster, which shows you the best Australian wines.  Great for a wine lover who probably wouldn’t appreciate a $12 bottle that you picked based on the colours of the label.  Here is the link to the wine poster and click here for the travel poster.

 And if your Secret Santa budget doesn’t stretch far?

Finally, if money is really tight why not try being a little bit innovative?  Much like a 1980’s mix tape, why don’t you prepare a list of excellent Blogs, Podcasts or Youtube channels for your colleague to enjoy?  Thoughtful and cheap!  Don’t forget to include a mention of the Careerability blog, a must for any career minded person!

Enjoy your Secret Santa gift giving and I hope that you don’t get a pack of hankies in return!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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