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Hold on, you can make it to the End of the Year

Holding on to the End of the Year ♥

In my humble opinion October and November are rough months.  You have traversed the highs and lows of much of the year, you are tired and sometimes a little battle scarred.  The silly season is yet to start and the public holidays in December are still too many weeks away.  Hold on though, you can make it to the end of the year.

Even if you have had a rip-snorter of a year chances are at about this time you are starting to get a little weary.  With the bulk of the year behind you and the holidays a way off it’s easy to get disheartened by the daily grind.

You can make it to the End of the Year:

Here are 5 simple tricks to help you make it to the End of the Year
  • Take a half days leave and go to the beach, the shops, a National Forest. It’s amazing how great it feels to just be away from work during the week.  A small break can have big benefits to refresh and revitalise.
  • Plan your next holiday. I love a good holiday plan. It can focus you on why you turn up to work in the first place.
  • Do something good for someone at work, every day if needs be. It will make you feel good. Help out a co-worker and it will make you a better colleague.
  • Change up your routine. Take a different route to work.  Try a different coffee shop.  Have lunch with someone different, go somewhere new.
  • Spend 10 minutes thinking about what you have accomplished this year. Wowsers!, this could be a post in itself.  Most folks spend scant time considering their contribution to their workplace.  What have you achieved?  How are things different due to your contribution?  What have you made better by being there?

And as another bonus tip, dedicate a day to getting life admin sorted.  So many of us put off life admin, and it is easy to convince ourselves that we will get it sorted in the New Year. Go to the dentist, combine your super funds, get something framed, review your insurance, you know, the boring stuff.  Get it done, then its done!

I would also suggest going through your belongings and selling what you don’t need on Gumtree or somewhere similar. That way you’ll have cash for the silly season, and have less clutter, winning!  Getting life admin done will remove the weight hanging around your neck and clear your way into the holidays.

Before you know it, you will have made it to the End of the Year

No matter how much we may try, we cannot stop the march of time.  You will make it to the end of the year before you know it.  Getting through the daily grind at this time of the year can be tough.  Try any of the above, you never know, it may help.

Let me know if you have tried out any of the tips above, leave a comment…here or on Instagram at Careerability.

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  1. Phaedra

    03/11/2017 at 7:55 pm

    I’m going to follow some of these tips…with minimal leave taken this year, it seems to be harder and harder to find motivation. Will let you know how I go ūüôā

    1. careerability1

      12/11/2017 at 9:25 pm

      Hey Phaedra – have you tried any of the ideas?

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