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What are you good at?

There is a saying, it goes along the lines of “if you do something you are passionate about you will never work another day in your life”.   My life goals include working for a puppy patting organisation and being a chocolate tester – when I finally get there I will ensure that I record every moment of doing something I feel deeply passionate about, and get back to you.

Do it with Passion!

Passion for a vocation or job is one thing, but passion alone won’t result in success.  I would like to start a new saying “being passionate about what you do AND being good at what you do will guarantee you are well regarded in your workplace and find career security and career success” – catchy isn’t it?

The folks that are super successful (I’m thinking astronomically successful here – Beyoncé, Jobs, Oprah), tend to have a combination of factors working for them.  They are passionate about what they do, they are ambitious to do better, they offer something unique, they work bloody hard, with the final qualifier….. they are good at it.

Be good at what you do!

Being good at what you do, be it accountancy, lifesaving or opera singing gives you an edge over those around you in the workplace.  It will ensure job security (of course unless you are a giant douchebag that no one can work with) and will likely result in more opportunities, maybe even a promotion, if that’s what you are aiming for.  Practically, being good at something also makes doing work easier – I, for example, would find work as an illustrator highly stressful and difficult as my drawing skills are rivalled by the average 4-year-old.    If you are really good at face to face sales then a role that has you chained to a desk, writing reports is probably not going to see you doing your best.

Going organic!!

A friend of a friend was very passionate about organic food.  Passionate to the point of painfulness “Lee, is that Cadbury chocolate organic?” Me: “Please stop talking and let me enjoy my Caramello”.  He eventually decided that it was his calling to open up a shop selling organic food and other bits and bobs.  Problem was, he wasn’t very good at business.  He was the most enthusiastic, energetic, well researched chap on organic food and materials – just not very good at what he chose to do.  His business eventually failed, unfortunately dimming his love for all things organic.

Do what you are good at!

My point, if you are still with me, is that being good at what you do gives you advantage.  It helps turn your passion into results.  So, if you are not sure what your next step is, rather than simply follow your passion, also have a think  about what you are good at – maybe you will find your answer there?

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