Starting Off Work and The World

The ultimate reasons why work is Important.


Ok, you are probably thinking to yourself that this is not a spectacularly brilliant title for a second post.  Why is work important…… um (am I allowed to write um in a Blog?), isn’t that a simple question?

The Magic Formula for Success

For many of us, we have been raised with the expectation that on completion of our schooling, we will enter the workforce.  Easy peasy right?  Just work hard at school, leave school, get a job.  The smart kids go to Uni or College and get a degree in advanced philosophy or something useful and will go on to have a fabulous career where they get paid more than those without a degree. The kids that are less academically enthusiastic will get jobs in retail, hospitality, in a trade, many of whom will actually go on to be much richer than the kids who went to Uni.  Work hard in school, continue to work hard in your training, work hard in your job = find successThat’s the formula, isn’t it?

Most of you will know that the above is pretty much a work of fiction (except that good tradies end up rich, that is a Universal truth) that is sold to you in school. When shit like LIFE starts to happen, the brilliant plans sold as a ‘guaranteed pathway for career success’ often go up in smoke.  For some, ‘life shit’ hits while they are in school, meaning they don’t even hit the first marker on the ‘guaranteed pathway for career success’.  Work and careers can be tough, easy, complicated, confusing, heart-breaking, elusive and fantastic.

Work is a part of who we are

So, what does this mean?  Well in a long winded (you’ll get used to that) and ham-fisted way, I am trying to say that for most of us, being in work is something that sits within our subconscious, it’s who we are, and we always seem to be in one of its stages.   Either we are working towards it (through schooling or job search), within it (in a job), thinking about leaving (retiring), or left it (retired).  I should add the caveat at this stage (because really it’s too early in my Blogging career to be trolled), there are a million reasons why people may not be in work, looking for work or interested in work, that’s OK, ‘you do you’ (credit to Tati Westbrook, Glam Life Guru).  I am just saying that for the majority of young adult & adults work is a major part of our life.  Most children in primary school are working towards work, and don’t even know it.

The Ultimate reason

Which finally gets me to my point, work is such a huge part of our lives that allowing a narrow narrative like ‘I wasn’t very good at High School’ or ‘I missed the career marker because I faffed around in my 20’s’ dictate how we spend at least a third of our time (much more for many of us)  in our working life seems crazy right???

Work is important because it gives us purpose and social stimulation.  It provides us income to live and hopefully do the things we want to do.  It allows us to meet fabulous people and douches (who you can discuss with the fabulous people) – it adds layers to who we are as people.  At work, we are forced to do new things, sometimes putting us out of our comfort zones, we have to think, even when doing repetitive tasks. Work allows us to meet people we would never ordinarily meet in the course of our lives, it broadens our lives.

Work is important in ways that we don’t often consciously think about because of all of the ‘subconciousness’ going on with work.  Lots of folks think that they work so that they can pay the rent/mortgage, pay school fees etc.  These are all very excellent and pretty important reasons to get up and head into the workplace.  But I would argue that in addition to the paying rent bit (again, noted as being supremely important), the other aspects of work create a more fullfilled individual, with broader interests and insights, with greater tolerance and understanding of others.  I note, that prior to the advent of online dating sites approximately 91% (statistic based on poll of friendship group) met partners and BFF’s through work and work related activities – its IMPORTANT people!

Work is more than just making money

Work is important because it pays you to live your life, but if you think about it, it can also be much more.  This is why I believe that thinking about what you do for your crust, moving towards doing more of what you like/want or are good at in your job is so important, because work is important, you may as well be doing it the way you want.


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  1. Dav

    02/09/2017 at 11:43 am

    Hi. Loving the blog site and these topics. Easy to read and understand! Some of the content in this post has cemented what I was thinking myself. Great to have a like-minded colleague to learn from!

  2. Tanya

    12/09/2017 at 5:37 pm

    The organisation that I work for prides itself in supporting vulnerable people to gain employment. Money is good as it provides us with freedom and independence. But I completely agree that being in a job that is a good fit is better than money – it provides us with improved health benefits, in addition to giving us a sense of purpose, meaning, a place where we belong, are accepted and included. I love seeing the change that can be created in a person when they find a job – their outlook on life is transformed!! Love your articles – look forward to reading more!!

    1. careerability1

      13/09/2017 at 7:10 am

      Thanks Tanya – its organisations like yours that change lives and create positive legacy in our community. Keep up the excellent work!

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