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Podcasts are Cool….

I listen to podcasts whenever I can.  In cars, on planes, at the gym; I find them endless sources of amusement and information.  The range of topics I listen to is wide, this week I listened to podcasts about (in no particular order):  two on Spirituality, US politics, Pirates (specifically Somali pirates), the phenomenon of Fake News, Christianity & Politics and the Mamamia Out Loud podcast.  What this tells you is that:

  1. I did quite a bit of flying and driving this week; and
  2. I like learning about different things.

What this doesn’t tell you is:

  1. I went to the gym only once this week; and
  2. Why on earth I would be talking about podcasts in my introduction post.

Oprah, you rule…..

In one of the Spirituality blogs (specifically Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations), a guest was discussing that her life turned around for her when she took control of her life.  It all changed for her when she truly understood that she was the architect of her own life and could, with complete freedom, make changes that she wanted – rather than live a life that others expected, or that she thought others expected of her.  It got me thinking…..

For some time, I’ve wanted to start a Blog about careers, but I haven’t been sure about how I wanted to start, then it hit me (with the help of Oprah, of course, like any ‘ah ha!’ moment could happen any other way).

It has to start with you!  You are the decision maker in your life, you are the one who can make the necessary decisions, changes, actions to get to where you are going. You have the power to be the designer of your own career (and life, when all said and done).

So, welcome to Careerability, a BLOG about careers, or more precisely your career.  Now don’t worry, I haven’t got either the skills or patience to set up any sort of system monitoring device that tracks your career movements.  Rather, this site will be a part of your reference system for your career and general work life. It doesn’t matter if you are at the start of your career and inexperienced or if you are working at the top of the food chain in your particular industry.  Folks who genuinely have no idea what to do with their work and those ‘A Types’ who have planned their career trajectory within an inch of their lives, are welcome and I believe will get value from the content within.

You can come to this site for answers to the big and little work and career questions like, how do I get promoted or get a pay rise, through to dealing with the lunchroom thief and how to get out of Friday afternoon drinks.  As well as plenty of advice on the more practical sides of work life, I will provide my thoughts on topics like the different generations in the workplace, career pivots (don’t worry if you don’t know what they are, it’s just changing your career or career direction, but in jazzier words) and some tough love about the workplace (sorry but your boss just doesn’t care that much about your latest hook-up or your daughter’s dance recital – brutal but true).

My name is Lee and I am a Human Resources and Finance professional who has worked in multiple industry’s at varying levels. I have a few qualifications that I have largely attained while working full time, over the past 25 years.  I love helping others to find their career True-North, working with them to identify what they are good at and what they would rather not be doing.  I am not very good at jargon (“career pivot” in the previous paragraph has taken me right to the edge of my working knowledge of buzz words, it may not even be current by next week), so you will get more plain speak than academic or consultancy speak here.  I will over capitalise, over punctuate, occasionally rant and be as honest as I am able, without breaching any confidentiality.

I can’t wait to start this community and hope that as we progress you will have more knowledge to put in your toolkit (really, I am sitting here with a look of distain on my face at my use of “toolkit”) to make better work decisions, because, you can!

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