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3 Ways to Improve your Work Week

3  Ways to improve your work week

Have you found that the closer you are to a holiday the harder each week seems to be?  I even find this when a public holiday is forthcoming.  Ohhhhhh, the glory of a short work week.  In the case of Easter in Australia, two short work weeks, hallelujah!  Here are 3 simple ways to improve your work week , try them next week.

Be somewhere else.

Have a week of walking meetings or a meetings in different cafés. Get out of the office to improve your work week. They say a change is as good as a holiday, and I believe it.  You can’t change the plethora of meetings you undoubtedly have filling up your calendar, but you can change the way you conduct them.

Not only do you get the benefit of feeling like you are away from your desk, you might also get more creative & productive meetings when you conduct them in a different way.

Stop procrastinating.

Get one thing out of the way that you have been putting off, and make sure that is it a high value task. Been putting off something that you know will be challenging?  This week is the time to focus on it.  Your work week will become immeasurably better when you get the proverbial monkey off your back.

I am always amazed how good I feel (and often exhausted) when a major or challenging piece of work is done.  Procrastinating can lead to stagnation so improve your work week and get to it.

Stay away from the haters.

Others can really interrupt our mojo at work, particularly those folks who have half empty glasses.  Next week, take steps to avoid the workplace detractors.  Have your lunch outside with a colleague who is happy to talk about their passion for Boy George or steam trains.  Work in an alternate work space.  Avoid one on one meetings.

If you are really brave, explain to your workplace hater that while you understand that they are frustrated, their negativity really brings you down.  Focus on solutions.  Have you noticed that workplace haters are always complaining about how things are, and rarely doing anything about it?  No workplace is perfect, but if a colleague is only interested in sitting back and criticising (and ignoring any good that happens at work), then you need to avoid that person where you can.

Its that easy to improve your work week.

So there are 3 simple ways to improve your work week.  The Muse has written an article on 37 ways to Be Happier at Work ASAP, click here   to read.  If you would like to read about finding your motivation, when its gone missing, click here.

Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash

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